Sean O'Casey Reading Series with the Irish Rep

It has been sheer joy working on Sean O’Casey’s lesser known plays Within the Gates and The Silver Tassie. Here’s a cast photo with our director, my dear friend, Nicola Murphy, and our music director Stephen Kennedy Murphy. I had a blast playing opposite veteran character actor Joe Grifasi (known for Law & Order: SVU, Naked Gun, and Natural Born Killers). We had a great time playing off each other as Cockney chair attendants in London’s Hyde Park, limping and complaining about the pain in our legs, begging for a schilling from the Bishop, fending off ridicule from the antagonistic Dreamer, running from the eerie “drumbeat of the Down and Outs”, and singing merrily about how we’ll all soon be dead. (Yes, it’s a bizarre play, so if none of this makes sense to you, you’re not alone!) Plus, as you can see in the photo, Joe and I got to wear matching hats!